AWE Backflow Tester Certification

Course Description

AWE Backflow Assembly Tester Certification 

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The CRWA Academy of Water Education is offering a five-day Backflow Tester Certification Course at the Academy of Water Education in Sacramento. This class meets SWRCB requirements for initial backflow tester certification.

2017 Schedule 

October 30-November 3, 2017: Sacramento (Sacramento County)

LOCATION: CRWA Training Headquarters, 1234 North Market Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834

*Please Note*
Applications for AWWA testing must be submitted to them directly along with payment, click here for the application.

Application for NCBPA, can be submitted with payment directly to CRWA, click here for the application.

Class Schedule:

DAY 1:  Introductions, hydraulics of backflow, case histories/backflow incidents, definitions, backflow prevention assemblies, reduced-pressure principle backflow assembly (RPBA), testing the RPBA, student testing practice on RPBA, homework

DAY 2:  Section I review, responsibilities of certified testers, student testing practice on RPBA, troubleshooting the RPBA, regulations, types of hazards and protection, student testing practice on RPBA, after-class homework

DAY 3:  Section II review, double check valve assembly (DCVA), testing the DCVA and the DCDA, student testing practice on DCVA, after-class homework

DAY 4:  Review of Sections III, IV, and definitions, student practice on RPBA and DCVA test procedures, pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) and spill-resistant vacuum breaker (SVB), student testing practice on PVB and SVB, troubleshooting the PVB and SVB, student practice on PVB and SVB test procedures and troubleshooting, test gauge care, basic assembly repair, confined space entry training (competent person), after-class homework

DAY 5:  Discussion of Section V review questions, review of all material, written exam, student practice of all four assemblies, practical test procedure exam

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