AB 54 Webinar

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AB 54 Webinar

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July 10, 2017: Online
September 11, 2017: Online

November 6, 2017: Online


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AB-54 is a requirement for all Directors of Mutual Water Companies regardless of size. Our training meets the two-hour AB-54 Director Training Requirement. The specific law requires that each board member of a Mutual Water Company operated as a public water system to, within six months of taking office, complete a two-hour course offered by a qualified trainer. CRWA is a qualified accredited training organization, and will cover pertinent area’s relating to this law. AB-54 was signed into law and took effect January 2012. AB-54 is a requirement for all Directors of Mutual Water Companies regardless of size.

• Duties of a corporate director to avoid financial conflicts of interest in contracts.
• The duties of public water systems to provide clean drinking water that complies with State and Federal Safe Drinking Water Acts.
• The long term management of a public water system

Class Schedule: This is a 2-hour Webinar. Instructions will be emailed to you along with your confirmation.

*Please be aware registrations for this class ends the Friday at noon prior to the scheduled class time.
*Class pricing is PER PERSON.

*Please make sure your computer system is compatible with the webinar software (when you register, you will receive a confirmation with the instructions attached to check your software.

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